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The Story Behind the Magic Money Cardmoney drawing card

Many ask how the Magic Money Card was created and how can it attract wealth.
This true account, written by the creator of the Magic Money Card will validate the fact that good luck and money drawing products do exist. It is a story of faith and a testimonial that God answers prayers, maybe not in the way that we expect or even understand, but if one is open and receptive His answer and guidance will be revealed.

I, an independent business owner was always confident in my ability to generate and manage my finances. I was proud that I didn’t need to take out a business loan and maintained excellent credit. I always thought I was pretty sharp in picking stocks in my investment account as well.

Then, the year 2000 brought one terrible drought in my business coupled with the stock market tech crash. Of course I like most my peers was heavily invested in high tech stocks, anything we could accumulate from Nasdaq to penny stocks we were in the money, then…. when we least expected it the bubble burst ,or did it? I had to buy more shares because now they were at a discount. It didn’t matter that my business was also struggling terribly that year, I could just put my extra “discounted” shares on a credit card
and when the market came back I’d be home free. I waited, and waited, and waited – no rebound and now for the first time in my life I was in credit card debt! Not only that but I had nothing to show for it, no shopping sprees, new cars or electronics, just many shares of near worthless penny stock.

The pain of my losses caused much grief and shame. My humbling was not only in my faulty speculation, but also extended to my business that for over a year was floundering.
It seemed that every deal I worked on went south. What happened to my ability to make things happen? I was always able through focus and determination to succeed. Was I cursed? I felt like a miserable failure. I never thought I had to resort to putting mortgage payments and utility bills on credit cards, shuffling credit lines to avoid rising interest rates. The debt continued to climb to $175,000! I was in a financial nightmare.

I would pretend during the day because it was necessary for me to “appear successful” if I were to get my financial world back on track, but I was in aguish and fear. All I could do at night was pray and cry. I would often cry myself to sleep begging God for an answer.

I did confide in my parents who said that there is nothing wrong with filing bankruptcy. They said many people do, and get a fresh start. I considered this but knew it took me a lifetime to establish my good credit, and that God would have to find a way to answer my prayer. I knew that miracles can and do happen. They happened for me in the past, many times in the past and that they could happen now, but how? I had no idea. This problem seemed insurmountable!

So one night while again crying, praying and listening to my late night paranormal radio program Coast to Coast AM, a numerologist guest spoke on number vibrations and the number eight. This subject is especially dear to me since I have studied numerology as well as other healing techniques for years. I already knew what she was saying about numbers and their meaning, especially the number eight that vibrates wealth, prosperity,
abundance and infinity. Somehow, however tonight seemed different. Could this somehow be the answer to my prayer? Was I being told something, something I could relate to that could really help me when applied?

The next day I, thinking about the last night’s program got an idea. Besides number vibration I also knew a little bit about color vibration, prisms and rainbows and their effect in healing. In fact, the rainbow is the symbol of God’s covenant with his people.
I decided to draw a prototype of a rainbow eight on a card and place one in both my business card case and one on my accounting books that record receivables. I also said the special prayer spell over the cards (confidential) to see what would happen.

Within the first month my income doubled!! I thought to myself – this is amazing, is it a get money fast spell or just a fluke? Well, the next month again my income remained strong and I continued to meet the right people and opportunities to help my business
grow. Each month, for the following years my income and business continued to thrive. I
disciplined myself to pay back my debt in increments each month of which now very little is left to pay.

At this point my story is not one of making millions. It is a story of my sadness, crying out to God for an answer, a miracle and Him hearing me and helping me. He didn’t bail me out with winning of a lottery, but He did bring me the inspiration, the people and the opportunities creating my miracle.

One day in the summer of 2007, while working out I was thinking about my miracle and heard an inner voice which said “share this with others”. I started to think of a name and Magic Money Card popped right into my head. My doubting voice kicked in and said “No, that name – won’t be available.” Well, I checked anyway, and it was available! Through continuing my prayer for guidance the right people easily came forth to assist me in getting this amazing product out to the public.
As to why and how it works. I don’t completely understand the why and the how, all I know is it works and I am thankful.

I pray that this reaches all of those who may be feeling the pain of financial hardship as I did, or those who seek to reach the next level of their success and abundance.

When you use your Magic Money Card God will know what miracles are best for you.
Be open and be thankful but most of all know that your prayers are answered.

- Creator, Magic Money Card
copyright all rights reserved

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